Peer Review between Railway Stakeholders

By March 3, 2024Cape Town 2023, Documents
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The cooperation between stakeholders is a key lever that can improve safety culture within any sector. On this topic, the nuclear sector, with the International Atomic Energy Agency and the World Association of Nuclear Operators methods, that compare members against standards of excellence, are an inspiration from which the railway sector can benefit. The European Commission “Twinning II” project, coordinated by the UIC, aims at enhancing this cooperation between stakeholders by identifying strengths and areas for improvement of safety culture, and by delivering methods, recommendations, and suggestions for these improvements. These targets are delivered thanks to the development of safety awareness, culture and commitment, the international sharing of strategies, techniques and knowledge, and peer review exercises. The peer review exercises are a methodological approach and tool, with the use of interviews, focus groups and observations, that helps members to benchmark themselves through an objective and in-depth review of activities, by the Twinning II independent team from outside their organization.

Through the impartial approach of peer reviews, the trust and return of experience between members of the railway community are strengthened. It allows for the internationalization and interoperability of Safety Culture and Safety Management Systems improvements, through a confidential cross – acceptance of key findings and best practices. It is a way of identifying performant change management processes and a way of improving overall operational performance, for a tomorrow’s “cultural mindset in railway”.

Overall, the peer review is a powerful arrangement to learn from each other, to create a community of experts, to improve safety and maturity of the European rail sector, to achieve organizational excellence, with improved punctuality and profit, and to comply with Common Safety Methods on Safety Management Systems safety culture requirements. Therefore, the Twinning II project encourages and supports the sharing of expertise between members, raises awareness levels and increases the commitment to safety within host and visiting organizations. Through peer reviews, members learn and share general knowledge on safety culture and improve their own performance. The results are delivered in a report that highlights strengths and where safety culture can be improved. As a continuity of the EC Twinning II project, with support from ERA European Railway Agency, the UIC is planning to publish peer review guidelines for the development of global peer review processes. The UIC also intends to ensure the technical coordination of future peer review activities, that are allowing for the development of operational, efficient, and real-life perspectives.

Year of Publication: 2023

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