Enhancing railway safety in permanent way through big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) for smart maintenance

By March 3, 2024Cape Town 2023, Documents
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The MTR Corporation is committed to constantly seeking ways to improve safety and efficiency in our railway network. Given the size of the network, there are numerous maintenance tasks that must be performed to ensure safety. However, with over 19 hours of operation each day, the maintenance window is limited. To address this challenge, MTR seeks to leverage advancements in technology to enhance maintenance efficiency, prioritize maintenance tasks, and safeguard operational safety through smart maintenance. This paper proposes an innovative approach to enhancing railway safety through the use of big data analytics and AI-powered for smart maintenance.

The paper aims to explore the potential of these technologies to improve safety in the permanent way. By leveraging big data analytics, potential defects or areas of high risk can be identified, while artificial intelligence can predict potential failures before they occur, allowing for predictive maintenance and reducing downtime. With the increasing demand for faster and more efficient services, railway companies are facing challenges in ensuring safety and reliability. One of the critical areas that need constant attention is the state of the railway infrastructure, including the track, crossing, and other components of the permanent way. To address these challenges, MTR has adopted big data analytics and artificial
intelligence (AI) to enhance railway safety. Big data analytics can provide valuable insights into the state of the railway infrastructure, enabling the identification of potential defects or areas of high risk. By analyzing massive amounts of data generated by railway operations, patterns and trends in track performance can be identified, leading to a more proactive approach to maintenance. For instance, by analyzing sensor data from trains and tracks, potential weaknesses and defects can be detected before they escalate into serious safety hazards.

In conclusion, the paper highlights the importance of embracing new technologies to enhance railway safety and efficiency. The proposed approach of using big data analytics and artificial intelligence for smart maintenance has significant potential to transform the way railway safety is managed and improve the overall performance of the railway system.

Year of Publication: 2023

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